Report Says Clean Energy Could Generate 100,000 Australian Jobs

Australian Immigration Agency: Clean Energy

Renewable energy is on the rise in Australia, and over the next five years, the country could become home to several new zero-emissions industries

According to a new report, this expansion could lower electricity costs, and produce over 100,000 new Australian jobs in the industry. Beyond Zero Emissions released a briefing paper reporting opportunity to accelerate the shift to a clean electricity grid. The push is backed by Malcolm Turnbull, the former prime minister, who called the report “compellingly right.” The report is the first phase of a “million jobs plan” being thought out by the climate change thinktank. Turnbull is on the advisory board supporting the plan.

New Clean Energy Jobs

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The group is calling for the country to build 20GW of batteries and 90 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity over the next five years. This project would create 124,000 construction positions and 22,000 ongoing jobs in Australia. Transmission lines around Australia would need to be approved and fast-tracked. The local content requirements for batteries, wind turbines, and transmission components could create up to 15,000 manufacturing jobs. The industry could be created by converting unused factories into wind farm components manufacturing plants.

New Construction Jobs

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