Statistics Show 79% of Immigrants Living in Australia Have Degree

Australia Immigration Agency: Degree

The number of immigrants relocating to Australia with a bachelor’s degree or higher has reached 79 percent, and 13 percent have a diploma or advanced diploma

One-fourth of the educated have a degree in management and commerce, 19 percent in the tech field, 12 percent in information technology, and 12 percent in the health field. A professor at the University of Technology Sydney Business School, Jock Collins, said the numbers confirm the Australian immigration program brings highly skilled, educated, and qualified people to the country. He said a benefit of immigration is the people whose education was paid for by another country’s taxpayers.

Over ninety percent of immigrants had their qualifications fully recognized when coming to Australia. The market failure, where immigrant’s triennial education qualifications are not recognized in the county, is a thing of the past. Collins said the report confirms how important migration to Australia is and the vital role they play in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the country needs immigration back wholly and as quickly as possible to benefit from the benefits migration brings.

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