Employers in All Sectors Struggle to Fill Australian Job Vacancies

Australia Immigration Agency (33)

All sectors in Australia are struggling and faced with a challenge of not enough people to hire for open positions. 

The highest number of vacancies are in administrative positions, health and social assistance, food and hotels, scientific and professional services, and the retail sector. Positions in the private sector rose by close to 25 percent to 203,000 last quarter and the public sector openings grew by ten percent. Australian employment has far surpassed predictions in recent months driving the unemployment rate lower to only 5.1 percent.


Last July when lockdowns started, the number reached 7.5 percent. There are many open jobs in Australia available for you and your family. The Australia Immigration Agency works with an authorized immigration adviser who is ready to help you apply for the required visa to live and work in Australia. You can receive an eligibility evaluation and guidance through the application process if you qualify. 

According to the head of Labor Statistics at the ABS, there has been a continuing rise in the proportion of companies reporting at least one open position. Businesses across the board have reported the challenge of filling positions. Job openings in Australia hit a record high last quarter and are now above pre-pandemic numbers.

The employment outlook had a major boost with figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing job openings increased 23.4 percent to over 362,000. Now is a great time to consider relocating to Australia for a better job opportunity. Contact the Australia Immigration Agency today and get help to understand the visa programs available to skilled foreign workers and their families.

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