About Australia Immigration Agency

The Australia Immigration Agency assists people around the globe apply for Australian permanent residency. There are various visa programs explicitly designed for skilled foreign workers and their families. If you are considering relocating for better job opportunities and a more prosperous life in Australia, we will provide you with an assessment of your eligibility to apply for a points-based Australian visa program. If you are eligible, our team of professionals will guide you step-by-step through the Australian immigration process.

When working with the highly trained professionals at Australia Immigration Agency, you will have help through the entire immigration process. Some of the advantages include top customer service, working with an experienced MARA agent, being aware of your best visa option, forms and documents being submitted correctly, having all of your questions answered, affordable services, and choosing from several secure payment options.

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The Australia Immigration Agency has an experienced Australia Legal Practitioner on its team, Michael Kadoury. You can rest assured you will be given the highest level of services from a qualified team at each stage of the Australian immigration process. Do not struggle through the complicated Australian immigration process on your own, and risk mistakes that will delay the process, or cause you to end up with a negative outcome. Our goal is that your relocation to Australia experience to happen quickly and be as smooth as possible so you can begin living your dream in a new country.

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Australia Immigration Agency is a private company and not a part of the Australian government. We do not have the right to issue or deny you a visa to live and work in Australia. Our team of experts makes it as easy as possible for you and your family to begin a new life in beautiful Australia.