Benefits of Australia’s Skilled Nominated Visa for Permanent Residency

Australia Immigration Agency

Each State and Territory in Australia has different challenges regarding the shortage of skilled foreign workers.


The government designed the Subclass-190 Skilled Nominated Permanent Resident (PR) Visa to give each State and Territory authority to develop its own criteria for nominating highly skilled immigrants for Australian permanent residency. 

The newcomers can work and live in the area of Australia where they are most needed and will be able to contribute to the local economy. If you and your family are considering relocating to Australia for a job opportunity, contact the Australia Immigration Agency. The professional team will walk you through every step of the Australian immigration process and help you apply for the required visa to live and work in the country.

Permanent Residents

Those who receive a Subclass-190 Skilled Nominated PR Visa are allowed to live and work in Australia as permanent residents for an unlimited time period. They can register for the public Medicare health system, attend schools in Australia, and once the criteria are met, they can receive social security benefits. 

This Australian visa allows immigrants to travel in and out of the country, purchase a home or property and then apply for citizenship after living in Australia for four years and meeting all additional requirements. There are many benefits available to migrants who receive the Australian Skilled Nominated Visa for permanent residency.

Australia Immigration Agency

Contact the Australia Immigration Agency to apply for the best visa for you and your family. Their team has a goal to help anyone wanting to relocate to Australia as smoothly and quickly as possible. 

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