Australians Optimistic about Country’s Economy

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As the global pandemic is getting under control, and Australia is loosening restrictions, consumer confidence is on the rise for the third straight month. 

The reopening of the Victorian-New South Wales border has helped boost confidence as well. The confidence in Victoria surged nine percent as a second wave of the virus was contained. The sub-index for the next year also saw an increase. Over the Christmas shopping season, consumers who felt it was a good idea to purchase major household items increased 6.7 percent and those feeling like it was a good time to purchase a house spiked eight percent. Australia is a country of opportunity where you can grow and thrive.

The confidence in Victoria surged 9%!

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According to the Westpac-Melbourne Institute Index survey, customer sentiment rose 11.9 percent in October 2020 and rose another 2.5 percent in November. This seven-year high with the index up 11 percent from a year ago has produced fewer pessimists and more optimists. The Australia Immigration Agency takes pride in its success rate.

Australia Immigration Agency

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